Meet Your Financially Real Leader

Shannon and ChrisMy husband, Chris, and I climbed Mt. Whitney last year for our 24th Wedding Anniversary. There were moments where we looked at each other and laughed, wondering why we chose aching feet and sore muscles over sipping drinks on the beach of some fancy resort that catered to our every need. Six hours later, we had our answer when we reached the summit at 14,508 feet. Every ache and pain magically disappeared as we soaked in the breath-taking vistas. It was well worth the hours of hard work and training. Just like I know from personal experience that the work it takes to become Financially Real is more than worth it too.

My name is Shannon Ryan and I’ve been climbing both literal and figurative mountains all my life. When I was a teenager, my father instilled a passion for financial literacy that led me to become a Certified Financial Planner 23 years ago. Back then, there were few female advisors and many people expected me to fail because I didn’t fit their mold of a financial advisor. They told me that no one would take me seriously.

I proved them wrong.

I climbed that mountain of naysayers to reach success, eventually becoming one of the top advisors in my branch. I worked hard to earn my seat at the table, but my true motivation was and remains helping clients build a healthy relationship with money. It gives me such a charge to see all the wonderful things they can accomplish once they let go of their fears and become Financially Real.

Shannon and her dadThroughout my career, I discovered how timeless many of my father’s lessons were. He never focused on the ins and outs of how money worked during our money lessons, but instead helped me gain emotional competence over my money.

What Is Emotional Competence?

Money is emotional. We love it; we hate, we covet it and we abuse it. Our emotions, both good and bad, cause us to make decisions based upon how we feel in the moment, which often leads to regret later. My father helped me reclaim my financial power by understanding how my emotions influenced my money decisions. To set authentic goals that aligned with my values and beliefs, so they — rather than my fluctuating emotions — guided my money decisions. Now I held the power to create my ideal life.

Every day, I witnessed this same struggle in my clients and realized what a very special gift my father gave me. One that I was determined to pass forward.

Breaking The Money Taboo Cycle

My father broke the money taboo cycle in our home, but I quickly discovered that it remained firmly in place in most homes. Money wasn’t openly discussed, but there were lots of charged emotions around it. Kids inherited their parents’ money hang-ups and later passed them to their own kids. It was and is a vicious cycle.

I believe kids begin observing how their parents handle money as early as age 3, so it is important that we not only break the money taboo cycle, but start the conversation when our kids are barely out of diapers. Chris and I began having regular money conversations with our daughters when they were toddlers. We kept it simple and fun and today, at ages 11 and 9, their level of financial literacy exceeds many adults.

LT_bookSeeing the impact financial literacy has made in their young lives and how financial literacy continues to diminish worldwide, the time had come to take action on a much larger scale.

As I began putting my ideas together on raising financially confident kids, I found my youngest daughter, Taylor, dancing around with her purse overflowing with coins, singing “My purse is too heavy!” and The Heavy Purse was born.

Becoming Financially Real

When I started The Heavy Purse, I envisioned helping parents raise financially confident kids who left home prepared to make smart choices with their money. What I discovered was many parents wanted to give their kids the gift of financial literacy, because they knew firsthand the cost of learning by trial and mostly error, but they also felt ill-equipped to be the teacher. They needed to get Financially Real first.

You asked me to broaden my scope to help you become Financially Real and show you how to confidently live on your terms. My response — Challenge Accepted!

I’ve helped thousands reclaim their financial power over my 23-year career and look forward to utilizing my tried and true tactics to help you become Financially Real too. I’ll show you how to reclaim your role as the true CFO of your life and make confident decisions that honor your goals and values as you create the life you want for you and your family.

Shannon and her family

Ready to Get Started?

Visit my Get Started page to learn how to take the first steps to becoming Financially Real. Don’t worry — I’ll be there to act as your guide.